The State of the Economy and Its Impact on Marin County

Robert Eyler, CEO of the Marin Economic Forum, will present on the global, national and state economic situation as context for doing business in Marin County for 2015 and beyond. The attendee will come away with a better understanding of the economic forces likely to shape regional business for the next few years.


Robert is the CEO of the Marin Economic Forum, a private-public Partnership aimed at Marin County’s sustainable growth through business vitality, social equity and environmental balance. The Marin Economic Forum and the Marin Business Forum have partnered to share resources and expand their reach across the Marin business community.


Robert Eyler is professor and the Frank Howard Allen Research Scholar of Economics at Sonoma State University. He is also the director of SSU’s MBA program. Robert specializes in research on macroeconomic and Monetary policies, and is finalizing a textbook on monetary and Banking topics. His academic work has focused on monetary policy and theory, derivatives markets and international Finance.