“Marin Business Forum (MBF) has been a great experience for me as both a community leader and a speaker. They have graciously asked me to provide an economic update for the Bay Area annually since 2012, and the group that comes to the event is a great cross-section of small business owners and professionals in Marin County and San Francisco that want to network and also engage with a highly-educated and connected group.

Every meeting serves a networking and educational purpose to make everyone’s businesses stronger. That was the initial draw for me in getting Marin Economic Forum’s message about the power of a strong business community. MBF is a microcosm of such a community in Marin County. Unlike other networking groups, MBF has a purpose, its speakers come with a message to motivate the group, and the connections made are amazing. We partner with MBF because they are better than any other organization in Marin County for connecting to other businesses.”

Robert Eyler, PhD
Chief Economist
Marin Economic Forum (MEF)

“I just wanted to congratulate Pete Woodring of Cypress Partners, Nina Gardner of Filice Insurance and Franka Winchester of Pacific Crest Group and all of those who have supported them in creating this exceptional organization in Marin County.

As a CEO of a Marin County based business, I have always been amazed that a professional association of the exceptional caliber of the Marin Business Forum did not exist despite the fact that we have an overwhelming number of executives, entrepreneurs and business owners throughout the County. Until the creation of this group, there has been no other entity that has pulled together so many local business leaders and professionals in such a comfortable and high quality environment for learning, networking and socializing within Marin County. We are very lucky to have such a stellar organization contributing so much to the business community of Marin County.”

TJ Van Voorhees, CEO
Pacific Crest Group

“I lead and participate in many business groups as an executive coach and Vistage chair, and the Marin Business Forum is at the top of the value chart. The events are flawlessly executed – organized, punctual, concise – and the speakers are consistently knowledgeable and provide practical advice for making our businesses better. Best of all, I can meet other business leaders in Marin and develop contacts with strong leaders here. It’s impressive that three busy people – Nina, Franka and Peter – have been able to develop this group, and Marin is fortunate to have it.”

Doug Roberts, CEO Coach and Chair
Vistage International, Inc.

“The Marin Business Forum provides for a highly engaged and involved audience for speakers — both through the pre-event and post-event networking opportunities and during the talk itself.  Very few forums provide for that high level of interactivity with the speaker. It is often reserved for the members or attendees to network and socialize with each other. I felt that the Marin Business Forum offered me the perfect environment to ‘give to and get from’ the attendees inspiration and information. It was a mutually rewarding experience.”

Jim Finkelstein, President and CEO
FutureSense, Inc. and author of Fuse: Making Sense of the New Cogenerational Workplace

“The Marin Business Forum provides me with regular access to peers, thought leaders, and resources for entrepreneurs. Both the speakers and the attendees are top-notch. I always look forward to their events.”

Jonathan Leidy, CFA | CFP ®
Portico Wealth Advisors

“I enjoy attending the Marin Business Forum events. It adds a special touch to my networking because there is such a
varied audience from local entrepreneurs to Marin County officials. The speakers have always been very dynamic and
provide valuable tips and tools to use that are both practical for everyday and for the long-term growth of my

Krystalynn M. Schlegel, CLU, ChFC, CLTC

“I have been attending the Marin Business Forum for several years and find the high quality of speakers and
attendees outstanding.  All of us attending are there to learn more about other companies and their best practices
as well as to meet like minded executives and entrepreneurs who we can count on to be some of the most knowledgeable
professionals in their chosen career.  We all have to be wise with our time, and this commitment is one I truly
enjoy.  I look forward to attending!”

Maria Felice Cunningham, Director
Senior Development Director
Big Brothers Big Sisters of the North Bay

“Unique to Marin, MBF provides informal networking opportunities with small local business owners and decision makers – a great way to expand your business network!”

John Thornton, Partner
Tregaron Capital

“I was invited to this event by Franka, a local business owner, and liked the idea of a casual networking event. The venue was fantastic for this type of forum – overlooking the bay on a beautiful warm evening. The 3 expert speakers on topics relevant to entrepreneurs were inspiring and brought me valuable information to take home. I enjoyed the talks and met some great new contacts that night, it’s a good place for business owners like me to learn more from other specialists and make new connections.”

Cynthia C., CEO
Zia Moda LLC

“I had no preconceived ideas about the Marin Business Forum before I attended my first event.  After attending my first meeting, I discovered that the MBF is a productive venue where business leaders from the North Bay can learn about practical business tools to help them with their ongoing administration and operations while networking with other business owners and service professionals.  The networking portion of the event packed an extra punch as a great opportunity for an individual to uncover ideas from the group and also share his or her own ideas with other local business leaders.  This kind of mind-share wouldn’t necessarily happen outside of the dynamic group at MBF.”

Dave Aguero, CFO