Marin Economic Forum (MEF)

“The Marin Business Forum (MBF) has been a great experience for me as both a community leader and a speaker. They have graciously asked me to provide an economic update for the Bay Area annually since 2012, and the group that comes to the event is a great cross-section of small business owners and professionals in Marin County and San Francisco that want to network and also engage with a highly-educated and connected group.

Every meeting serves a networking and educational purpose to make everyone’s businesses stronger. That was the initial draw for me in getting Marin Economic Forum’s message about the power of a strong business community. MBF is a microcosm of such a community in Marin County. Unlike other networking groups, MBF has a purpose, its speakers come with a message to motivate the group, and the connections made are amazing. We partner with MBF because they are better than any other organization in Marin County for connecting to other businesses.”

Robert Eyler, PhD
Marin Economic Forum (MEF)
Chief Economist