The possibilities and challenges inherent in driving revenue through non-profit and for-profit collaborations

The next gathering of the Marin Business Forum, scheduled for March 21, will focus on the challenges that both non-profit and for-profit businesses in generating revenue. Any organization needs money to operate, but many professionals don’t have a clear understanding of the differences and similarities that drive revenue for both for-profit and non-profit operations. There are a number of restrictions and hidden challenges chuck2that non-profit organizations face when it comes to generating revenue. Chuck Greene, Executive Director of the Cedars of Marin, and Joan Capurro, Senior Vice President and Director of Community Relations for the Bank of Marin, will discuss the hidden challenges facing non-profits and how for-profit and non-profit can collaborate to help one another.

Chuck Greens is Executive Director of The Cedars of Marin, which has both day and residential programs for adults with developmental disabilities. Chuck has more than 36 years of non-profit experience. He was co-founder and Administrative Vice President of World College West, Executive Director of the Volunteer Center of San Francisco, The Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund and the Goldman Environmental Prize. He also has served as interim executive director for nine Bay Area nonprofits, including at CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, and has had interim assignments working with Chinese for Affirmative Action, Angel Island Immigration Foundation, Zen Hospice Project and the Marin Institute. Chuck graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and Harvard Business School.

Joan Capurro is responsible for Community Relations for the Bank of Marin and has a long list of working with non-profit organizations. She currently serves on the board and advisory councils for a variety of non-profit organizations, including the American Red Cross, Dominican University, Marin City Development Advisory Board, Ross Rotary Club, Salvation Army, San Rafael Chamber of Commerce, SparkPoint, United Way of the Bay Area, and Workforce Investment Board to name only a few.

Space for the Marin Business Forum gathering is limited. Be sure to contact us to reserve a seat.

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