Business Vitality in Marin – Bay Area Is A Growth Market

The next Marin Business Forum gathering is scheduled for the New Year with Robert Eyler, Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for Regional Economic Analysis and the Executive MBA program at Sonoma State University. Professor Eyler will be assessing the growth markets around the Bay Area and Marin County in particular. Be sure to mark your calendars.

Professor Eylor is a Frank Howard Allen Research Scholar and the interim CEO of the Marin Economic Forum, a private-public partnership aimed at Marin County’s sustainable growth through business vitality, social equity and environmental balance. He earned a Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis in 1998. He earned a B.A. in Economics at CSU, Chico in 1992. Robert is also Dr. Eyler specializes in research on macroeconomic and monetary policies, and is finalizing a textbook on monetary and banking topics. His academic work has focused on the economics of the wine industry, monetary policy and theory, derivative markets, and international finance.

Dr, Eylor is the author of two books: “Economic Sanctions: International Theory and Policy at Work” (2007), which investigates the efficacy of using economic sanctions as a political tool and his most recent text, “Money and Banking: An International Text” (2009), a college-level textbook for classes on central banking, financial institutions and markets, and banking as a business.

Dr. Eyler is often called up by the media for his expert input into the economic climate, acted as an expert witness in interstate trade litigation, and as a forensic economist. He also provides economic impact analyses for both private firms and public entities to help guide public policy at the local and state level and has been a visiting scholar at both the University of Bologna and Stanford University.