Collaborative Entrepreneurship: How Networks of Small Companies Can Do Big Things

John Stayton, Director and Co-founder of Venture Greenhouse, and Assistant Professor MBA in Sustainable Enterprise (GreenMBA) for Dominican University of California, will address the Marin Business Forum on Thursday, September 20, on how small businesses can band together to create new business models and be more competitive. In an interactive presentation, John will explore the wild and rapidly changing economic landscape that challenges small businesses to keep pace with new business models and new technologies. By pooling their resources in collaborative entrepreneurship, companies can achieve continuous innovative breakthroughs and challenge their larger competitors.

John teaches sustainable business, is a scholar of entrepreneurship and a practitioner of venture acceleration. After 15 years in high technology and industrial marketing, John decided to apply his business experience by developing a profession that would serve the environment and society. In 2000 he founded the GreenMBA at Dominican University of California, a two-year graduate program in sustainable business that shows students how to advance environment and social initiatives in any organization. In 2010, John co-founded the Venture Greenhouse, an early stage accelerator for scalable enterprises that address environmental and social issues. John also speaks and consults on venture creation, sustainable enterprise and organizational change.