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04/02/2015 04/02/2015

The State of the Economy and Its Impact on Marin County

Robert Eyler, CEO of the Marin Economic Forum, will present on the global, national and state economic situation as context for doing business in Marin County for 2015 and beyond. The attendee will come away with a better understanding of the economic forces likely to shape regional business for the next few years. Robert is […]

Location : Drake's Landing Community Room 300A - Drakes Landing Road Greenbrae, CA, CA 94904

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What You Should Know about Credit Unions and How They Might Be A Good Resource for Your Business

In a tight economy credit unions have more relevance than ever for business. In this gathering of the Marin Business Forum, Brett Martinez is President & CEO of Redwood Credit Union, will discuss the relevance of credit unions in today’s market, how their services compare to banks, their push toward better financial literacy, and how […]

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Learn the Top 5 Things About Crowdfunding, and Why It’s Important to Our Community

[NOTE OUR NEW MEETING LOCATION] We are now entering the financial revolution of the 21st century! Crowdfunding will transform the way business accesses capital. September 18, 5:00 p.m. And, thanks to the JOBS Act of 2012, soon all Americans will have the opportunity to become angel investors. This means that soon we will see the […]

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“Melting The Butter” of Your Employees In The New Cogenerational Workplace®

Jim Finkelstein, President and CEO of FutureSense, Inc. will lead a discussion at the next Marin Business Forum meeting to talk about how to motivate employees from different generations in the workplace. Increasing the value of people, and truly understanding why people show up to work and why they stay is just as important as […]

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The State of the Economy in the North Bay

Robert Eyler, CEO of the Marin Economic Forum, will provide an overview of the national and regional economies, give an update on economic developments in Marin County, the North Bay, and the Bay Area overall, and also talk about the impact that reduced water supply and possible policy measures (about which we will hear more […]

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Ultra-Marathon-Man Dean Karnazes Talks About Pushing Limits In Business

Being a successful entrepreneur is a lot like being a long-distance runner. You have to have an appreciation for the challenges ahead, including the difficulties and the rewards. And you have to have the resilience to push through the hard times to reach your goal. Dean Karnazes knows more than a little about perseverance and […]

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Entrepreneurship Takes Resilience, Passion, and Persistence

What does it take to start your own business? Some say that entrepreneurship is like a snowflake, and that no two success stories are the same, and no two start-up challenges are exactly alike. However, there are common characteristics that all successful entrepreneurs share – resilience, passion, and persistence. Without a vision and the tenacity […]

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How To Grow Your Business Using Social Media

The next meeting of the Marin Business Forum is scheduled for June 13 and will feature Karen Clark, social media expert and co-author of Incredible Business and Direct Selling Power. Be sure to RSVP! Karen has a long, successful history in marketing and sales training, including how to harness social media for sales. She has […]

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The possibilities and challenges inherent in driving revenue through non-profit and for-profit collaborations

The next gathering of the Marin Business Forum, scheduled for March 21, will focus on the challenges that both non-profit and for-profit businesses in generating revenue.

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What Does the Future Hold for Business in Marin County?

In our last Marin Business Forum gathering on January 17, Robert Eyler, Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for Regional Economic Analysis and the Executive MBA program at Sonoma State University, offered his perspective on the economic forces shaping the future of Marin County. In a session entitled, Business Vitality in Marin – […]

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Business Vitality in Marin – Bay Area Is A Growth Market

The next Marin Business Forum gathering is scheduled for the New Year with Robert Eyler, Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for Regional Economic Analysis and the Executive MBA program at Sonoma State University. Professor Eyler will be assessing the growth markets around the Bay Area and Marin County in particular. Be sure to […]

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